Become a Wedding Planner, or Plan Your Own Wedding
Become a Wedding Planner, or Plan Your Own Wedding

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Wedding-Planning Course:

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Be An AAWP Certified Wedding Planner

Launch an exciting career in the world's most glamorous business! Let Deborah McCoy, nationally renowned wedding consultant with appearances on Good Morning America, Sally Jessy Raphael, and The Rick Sanchez Show, teach you how to earn a fantastic living (part-time or full-time) while having the time of your life! Let her take you on a fantastic journey of endless love and romance! Experience all the joy and exhilaration that only weddings can impart-become a certified wedding planner!

The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Course

AAWP's online wedding planning course will take you through the process, step by step, educating you as you go. Leaving no stone unturned, this course is the most comprehensive educational and reference tool ever written. Tests are graded online and when you successfully complete the course, you'll receive certification from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals™.

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Opportunity Awaits

Based on the AAWP's and McCoy's 15 years experience in the wedding business, their contacts with the best the industry has to offer and countless years of research, it was our idea to make the AAWP consulting course the most inclusive and up-to-date ever written.

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of this remarkable wedding-consulting course, offered online, which allows you to study at your own pace, and to ultimately receive certification as a trusted wedding consultant/planner, and to become a certified member of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals™.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

McCoy has made a career of the bridal business. For 15 years, she owned a large, full-service bridal salon in Boca Raton, Florida and it's there that she learned about weddings from the ground up, because when it comes to weddings experience is the best teacher.

After opening her bridal salon, McCoy read everything she could about weddings. She studied flowers (and eventually opened a wedding floral business). She researched etiquette (and why we do the things we do). She worked with catering directors, and D.J.s, and bandleaders. She learned all she could about wedding invitations (and the proper way to word and address them), and for years was etiquette expert for For the Bride magazine. She became fascinated by wedding photography and videography and approached the best (nationally and locally) to teach her their craft. After five years, she felt confident enough to write a book, For the Bride (J.E. House Publishing), which was her entry into the world of publishing and TV. Shortly after its release, she appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael's show as her bridal expert, telling those who experienced wedding-day trauma how it could have been avoided.

McCoy's Motivation

When she wrote For The Bride, McCoy's motivation was her clients, future brides and grooms just like you, who wrote, for example, “Deb, what's the best way to book a band and know the one I booked is the one who's going to show? What's the best way to buy liquor? How do I include my divorced parents' names on my invitations?”

The answer was, For the Bride... “The most comprehensive book on the subject to date...” (The Tampa Tribune)

The Secret to Successful Wedding Consulting/Planning

When McCoy owned her bridal salon, she learned to listen to her clients because it's very important to understand their every want and need and their fantasies for their weddings. It's then the consultant's job to make those wants, needs and fantasies realities within the realm of a realistic, workable budget.

If you currently are not a good listener; if you're the kind who jumps in on a conversation before the other person finishes what they have to say, then you need to hone your listening skills. This is crucial to your success.

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McCoy on National TV

McCoy's second book, The Elegant Wedding and The Budget-Savvy Bride (The Penquin Group) was another milestone in her career and she was honored to appear on Good Morning America to kick off the book's promotion. She wrote this book for brides who want to have an elegant wedding for less, a lot less. It was based on her years of experience helping those with limited funds host the wedding of their dreams. (As a future consultant, I advise that you learn where you can save money for your clients if need be, and that means giving them the best value for their dollar.) From there she appeared on The Rick Sanchez Show.

AAWP's Course Goal

The AAWP consulting course is designed to give you all of our knowledge and experience, besides giving you the opportunity of developing your own, personal wedding-consulting business! Once this course is downloaded, you can read it, and easily reference it at will for any and all of your clients' wedding-planning needs. If there's something we've missed, just E-mail and we'll get in touch with the expert who can answer your questions (if we can't). It's our goal to inform and educate you… to make you the best consultant that you can be!

Throughout this course, we're going to emphasize the importance of practicality and of using good old common sense (who was it who said, "Common sense isn't so common?"). And in our opinion, it's also critical to exercise good taste and for these reasons we're including our 10 Commandments of Elegant Wedding Planning, within the course. Your clients' heads may be in the clouds but it's essential to keep your feet on the ground. Whether your clients have a few thousand to spend or multi-thousands, it's essential that you help them plan their weddings with consideration and forethought and this course will teach you how.

In summary, the AAWP online professional wedding-planning course is designed to give you the best, most up-to-date wedding-planning/consulting information available, to make you the best, most profitable wedding consultant you can be!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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Join the thousands who have had success with the AAWP Professional Wedding-Planning Course. You are making the right choice!

Hi Deb! You have made everything plain for me for Day-of-Wedding planning and full service consulting. I feel that the plan you have put in-place for me will help me to become one of the best wedding planners ever!
- Brenda, CAAWP

(I have) 15 jobs and counting, my busiest year yet!!!!....Day Of Coordination has really picked up too... Thank you so much. I mean every word I write. You are Awesome.
- Trina, CAAWP

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