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Should YOU Wear an Ivory Wedding Gown?

11/4/2015 by Deborah McCoy

An Ivory Wedding Gown? When You Should Wear One!

Ivory as well as white is traditionally correct for a wedding. Ivory comes in many different shades, as does white. And although brides seem to prefer white as the color for their wedding gowns, sometimes it's better to wear ivory.

Ivory is a soft color, sometimes called cream and leaning towards beige. The most important factor to consider is that ivory is flattering. It's softer than white and accentuates skin tone and features.

White, on the other hand, may wash out features and skin tone, especially if you're fair.

Ivory and Polyester/Synthetic Fabric Wedding Gowns

Most moderately to inexpensively priced wedding gowns are made of synthetic fabric. And thank goodness they are, or they wouldn't be affordable.

The problem is that most polyester/synthetic fabrics in white--are white---so white that they may look almost blue-white. And many times, the sheer whiteness of the gown will make it look cheap as it screams "Polyester!". (Silk gowns, on the other hand, are always off-white in color and softer.)

But ask to see that same gown in ivory and note the difference! The color is muted, soft, and elegant. The dress no longer looks cheap! The fabric appears richer.

Deb's Words of Advice... Ivory Wedding Gowns...

If you're considering an inexpensive or moderately priced (synthetic fabric) wedding gown, I would advise that you always try it in ivory before considering a white dress. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

If you're fair, and washed out by white, you need to buy an ivory gown. It will enhance your skin tone and your features.

Veils come in ivory so there's no issue there... and your groom-to-be and his bridal party should wear tuxes with ivory shirts. It's an elegant look!

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