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Wedding Gowns & Big Hips? Hide 'em, Bride, Hide 'em!

11/9/2015 by Deborah McCoy

You've Got Big Hips? Don't Despair!

I owned a bridal salon for 15 years, so I can say with certainty the type of wedding gown you should purchase if you have big hips.

I know what style/fashion is best for you, bride-to-be, and the most flattering.

Stay Away From the...

Stay away from the "sheath" (or straight gown), which accentuates the lines of the body and not just the hips.

Stay Away From the...

Stay away from the "A-line" gown, which will sit on the hipline and make the hips look larger.

Don't Even Think About...

Don't even think about a "mermaid" which is a tight-fitting gown that flares at the knee.

So What Does the Big-Hipped Bride Wear?

So what should you wear on your wedding day? A full-skirted ball-gown!

  • A ball-gown is fitted at the waist and has a full skirt.
  • The fuller the skirt, the smaller the waist will look; it is an illusion.
  • A full skirt hides the hips and makes the upper torso look smaller overall.

NOTE: Big hips disappear under a full skirt. The more crinolines (slips) you wear under the ball-gown, the better!

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